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Together we are Better

In order to continue to offer the best services for our patients, Whole Life Veterinary Care mobile service is joining with Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic. While we strongly believe in an in-home approach, it is not appropriate for all patients, all clients, all treatments, or at all times. By bringing Whole Life and Rancho San Carlos together, Dr. Halsey and all of the Whole Life Veterinary team can provide treatment in the hospital in addition to your home.

If your pet needs a procedure or urgent treatment, the hospital is open 7 am to 7 pm M-F to care for them. If you would like to swing by and pick up your pet's medication, we will be here. Conversely, we would be happy to drop off your pet's medication the next time we are in your area.

Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic has been serving the community since 1976. It has kept up with modern technology and can provide digital radiography, ultrasound, dental care, state of the art surgery, and boarding in addition to the quality wellness, prevention, injury and illness services you are used to with Whole Life Veterinary Care.

Call today to set up an appointment, or come visit us any time!


Come visit us at: 7850 Golfcrest Drive, San Diego, CA 92119

Working Together

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