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Services Offered

In Sickness and in Health

House call visit

Bring the veterinarian to you

**Suspended due to COVID**

The physical exam is not just about listening to your pet's heart and lungs, it is also about listing to you. Your veterinarian will perform a physical exam and myofascial palpation with every visit. This is a time to review your pets current medical care, diet, and quality of life if appropriate. Whole Life Veterinary Care can be a valuable part of your pet's health care team. We are here for discussions of pain management, physical therapy, recovery, allergies, and maintenance of long term health for your pet.

The house call fee brings the veterinarian to your home for a physical exam & consult. This pairs with any other service that may be recommended. Prices for services or prescriptions beyond the house call fee will be discussed in person.

Cost: $89

Initial Acupuncture Treatment


During the first visit, you will be asked for information about your pet's current problem and life history.  

Needle selection and placement are different for each pet. Some require as few as 5 needles, and others as many as 30. The needles are coated in order to glide in with minimal discomfort. Acupuncture needles are not placed very deep and are generally barely noticed when going in. Many pets will actually fall asleep during treatment!

For some problems such as acute sprains or vertigo, a single visit may be enough. For other conditions, the doctor will discuss follow up care and work with you to create a custom schedule based on the needs of your pet.

This initial visit generally takes an hour.

Cost: $160 (includes house call)

Follow up Acupuncture Visits

For maintenance and continue care

Based on the plan recommended at the initial visit, follow up visits to your home will be scheduled to maintain the health and comfort of your pet. These visits may be as often as twice a week, or as infrequent as every few months. These visits typically last 30 minutes and are offered at a discounted rate.
Cost: $150 (includes house call fee)

Vaccines, Titers, and Preventative Care

Proactive and Positive

Vaccines: In line with our goal of low-stress wellness care, Whole Life Veterinary Care only carries high-quality vaccines with minimal additives (no thimerosal) and small volumes. A smaller volume means less discomfort for your pet following an injection. We only carry adjuvant-free Rabies vaccines for cats which greatly reduces vaccine reactions.  We also provide the Bordetella vaccine to dogs by mouth so no injection is needed. Vaccines are given based on lifestyle and risk assessment and are decided based on your pet's unique lifestyle. 

Titers: In some cases, vaccination is not always appropriate, or we need more information to make our risk assessment.  For some pets, vaccine titers may be more appropriate. A titer is a blood test to check your pets antibody level against disease. 

Preventative care: It is our goal to keep your pet happy, healthy, and disease free. Wellness screening, baseline monitoring, and parasite prevention are all topics to discuss during your visit.

Laboratory Services

on site and send out

While much information can be obtained from a physical exam, laboratory testing is recommended to evaluate what the eye cannot see.  Annual testing for intestinal parasites, heartworm disease, and monitoring of internal organ function is recommended. 
Young wellness testing provides a baseline to compare to in times of trouble. 
Early detection is key for early intervention to keep your pet living a long healthy life. 
Whole Life Veterinary Care can also assist in regular monitoring of organ systems for pets on chronic medication or with chronic diseases.

Boy Cuddling with his Dog

Blood Pressure Measurement

Accurate readings without the stress 

Blood pressure evaluations may be recommended based on your pet's age, or because of an underlying condition. High blood pressure can lead to problems with vision, kidney damage, or even stroke. The advantage of an in-home blood pressure reading is that the stress of the procedure is greatly reduced. There is no waiting in the lobby or car ride to the hospital. Your pet can sit in your lap while the doctor places a cuff on a paw or even the tail to get a reading. All your pet feels is a gentle pressure and then it is over!

Medications and Supplements

Only what your pet needs

The veterinarian will review your pet's current treatment and discuss what additional therapy may be appropriate.  We will help you obtain medications in an efficient and cost-effective manner. When discussing supplements or herbal medication, we will help you select quality products appropriate for your pet's needs. Whole Life Veterinary Care can also work with your primary care veterinarian or specialist as part of your pet's health care team.

Please be aware that controlled drugs or narcotics are carried through mobile service. 

Herbal Medicine

Hospice and End of Life Care

Caring and Compassionate

Knowing when it is time or how to say goodbye are some of the biggest challenges we face as pet owners. Whole Life Veterinary Care is here to support you and your pet through the hard times. The goal of hospice care is to extend quality time together. Comfort care is discussed, as is end of life, and if euthanasia or a natural passing is appropriate for your loved one. Euthanasia is performed as relief of suffering and something we do out of love when the time is right. Cremation services are available for aftercare.

Rainbow Bridge

Health Certificates


Traveling can be stressful and it can be difficult to get your pet into the vet in time for a health certificate. Whole Life Veterinary Care knows that you don't want your loved one left behind. We can connect you with what you need to travel via plane or car, in the US or out of the country. Health Certificates do require some preparation so please call ahead so we know what to prepare for where you are going. Traveling to other countries or islands can require special testing or application of specific products. These regulations are unique to each destination.

Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technologies


Reducing inflammation is a critical first step in healing. To bring our clients the newest and best advancements in pet health, we now offer the Assisi Loop® and Assisi Loop Lounge, innovative devices that greatly reduce inflammation without the use of drugs or invasive technology.

The Loop uses low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to reduce inflammation and pain, and to enhance recovery. The Loop is a targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device that is portable and easy to use. Use of the Loop will not interfere with existing standard treatment procedures or pain management programs. It is effective in combination with laser therapy, acupuncture, and medications. It can also be used in the presence of cancer, unlike laser.

Loop Cat.jpg

Additional Services

Discussed at House Call

Additional Services such as anal gland expressions, ear cleanings, physical therapy, sedated procedures, nail trims, and more can be requested at the time of scheduling. We are able to aspirate masses and perform minor procedures. If general anesthesia is required, then you will be matched with a hospital in your area.
Because some treatments require special supplies or materials, please request the service and tell us all of your pet's issues when scheduling to ensure availability. Sometimes a return visit will be scheduled for in-depth procedures.

Feeding Newborn Kitten

In Hospital Services

Because sometimes you need to go in

Anesthesia, radiology, ultrasound, urgent care, medication pick up, and more are available at our full-service location, Rancho San Carlos Pet Clinic 

At the Vet
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