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What is Annie Wearing?!

What is that thing on Annie? It is the Assisi Loop®! What you can’t get from this picture is how LOUD she is purring while this thing is going. Annie is 18 years old and her severe arthritis was starting to prevent her from being able to use the litter box well. She is on a special diet, supplements, medication, acupuncture, and now the Assisi Loop as well. Together these work to keep her comfortable, enjoying her couch time, and going potty as she should.

The Assisi Loop is an FDA approved, non-pharmaceutical, anti-inflammatory treatment that works by using a targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF). This electromagnetic field sends out bursts of micro-current electricity that penetrates soft and hard body tissues. The electromagnetic field causes a chemical cascade which activates the Nitric Oxide (NO) cycle. NO is a key molecule in healing for animals (including humans). NO is released after exercise or injury, for the body to naturally repair itself. The Assisi Loop increases NO production to speed the healing of all tissues, including skin, tendon, ligament, bones, and organs. The Assisi Loop has a specific ratio of frequency and power that stimulates the natural process without creating NO toxicity. There are less expensive versions online, trying to copy this method. Be careful though as some of these have too much power and not enough rest time to let the body recharge, which could create more harm than good.

The Assisi Loop can be used post surgery, for acute inflammation, and for chronic pain. The tPEMF penetrates hair, bandages, casts, etc. to reach the target area. It can be used at the same time as acupuncture or between acupuncture treatments to help the effects last longer. The other nice benefit is that it can be used even for cancer patients in which laser is not a good idea.

Annie wears it like a tutu or a saddle on her back, depending on her mood. She is a cat after all.

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